Irina The Diva - Diva Lash Curler

189,95 kr
DIVA LASH CURLER giver vipperne det perfekte buk inden mascara påføres til vipperne. DIVA LASH CURLER er designet med rosegold hardware og funklende sten i sort. Perfekt til make-up bordet.
1. For the perfect diva lashes, start by keeping DIVA LASH CURLER up to the eye.
2. Open DIVA LASH CURLER while the eye is open.
3. Get as close to the edge of the lashes as possible and squeeze it together without hurting the skin around the lashes.
4. Squeeze DIVA LASH CURLER for a few seconds. The lases are left flirty and dramatic for the whole day.